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Ascend is a dark, seductive story of three banished Angels, fighting for the destiny of humanity.


Set in a time of post-apocalyptic Heaven, Angels fight for human souls in a relentless war with Hell. The Purgatory Wars have ravaged the universe, and to sustain their armies, Heaven must harvest souls from Earth to fight in their battle.


Sebastian, a young human, is tragically killed and harvested into the Purgatory Wars. Struggling to understand the conflict he is fighting for, Sebastian is soon reunited with his deceased brother, Gideon, now the most powerful general in the Legions of Heaven. Sebastian is recruited by Gideon to harvest their sister, Seraphine, from Earth. With his family reunited, Gideon reveals his plan to end the war, by leading a revolution against Heaven.


Sebastian and Seraphine attempt to conceal Gideon’s insurrection. As a result, the three siblings are exiled and banished to Earth, forced to live among mortals. The three Angels separate, but soon find that they are on a path which will destroy their family.


Bound by their angelic instincts, they find that they are still drawn to harvest humans about to ascend into the war. Gideon discovers he can harvest human souls for himself, and with each soul he consumes, his strength grows. Sebastian, longing to become human again, forsakes his former existence as an angel, and sacrifices a part of his own soul to save a mortal woman, Rebeka. Seraphine foresees the impending battle between the two brothers, but is powerless to stop the inevitable conflict.


As Gideon’s strength grows, Sebastian realizes he must deny his chance to regain his mortality, and confront Gideon, fueling an epic struggle which threatens to destroy humanity and the universe.


Ascend Special Edition Soft Cover Graphic Novel

Autographed : Personally signed from Author
    • Softcover : 152 pages
    • ISBN-10 : 1582405182
    • ISBN-13 : 978-1582405186
    • Reading age : 13 - 16 years
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    • Dimensions : 6.75 x 10.25 inches
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