Presenting the PCB ANTHOLOGY.
This Collector's Exclusive includes all of our top selling projects including Ascend, Infex, Phoenix Incident, Dead Speed, Contagion, and much more.

PCB Productions is proud to announce the theatrical launch of alien conspiracy docu-thriller - The Phoenix Incident.

Written and Driected by Keith Arem

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INFEX iOS - PCB Productions new digital graphic novel INFEX™.

Created by Keith Arem. Written by Keith Arem & Brandon Humphreys. Artwork by Shake J.

PCB Productions is proud to present the hardbound Special Edition of the graphic novel ASCEND™
Created by Keith Arem Artwork by Christopher Shy

In the post-apocalyptic zombie infested wastelands of Chicago, years after a devastating virus pandemic, DEAD SPEED is the story of an ex-convict, Darren Gray, forced to survive in a brutal world of organ harvesting.
Created by Keith Arem. Written by Keith Arem and Adam Lawson. Artwork by Christopher Shy. 


Contagion debuted on Capitol Records, and has appeared on 6 motion picture soundtracks and released over 15 international compilations. Contagion provided soundtracks to The Phoenix Incident, Infex, Thrill Kill, Metal Fatigue and The Gene Generation. Produced by Keith Arem


Fire Beneath the Waves features unreleased tracks from musician/producer Keith Arem. Known for his work with Capitol Recording Artists Contagion, and hundreds of video game soundtracks (Ridge Racer, Metal Arms, Tony Hawk), Arem has gathered original recordings from never-before-released soundtracks and projects.

Original Projects